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Dive into Lunar Wellness 🌙✨: Navigating the New Moon Week with TCM Wisdom!

🌙 Did you know the moon's pull on tides could also sway the waters within us? We're in the new moon week, and it's fascinating how this cosmic dance influences our health! 💧✨

During the new moon, our bodies are like the tides, quieter and softer. Energy turns inward, making it a breeze to catch some good sleeps, but it also means we might be a tad more vulnerable to colds. 😴❄️

Let's talk organs, the stars of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)! The new moon vibes connect with the deeper energy of five major organs—Heart, Spleen, Lung, Kidney, and Liver. Each organ has its own superstar role, like the Kidney mastering the willpower and bones. 🦴💪

In TCM, they say the liver vibes with the ethereal soul (full moon) while the lung grooves with the corporeal soul (new moon vibes). So, as we navigate the new moon energy, let's take it easy, rest up, and nurture our inner cosmic selves. 🌌💤

Curious about how acupuncture and Yin Yang Therapy play into this lunar dance? Drop your questions!

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